Kerbi – the puncture repair app

Wouldn't it be great if you could hail someone just around the corner to come to your rescue? Well now you can…

With Kerbi, the stranded cyclist simply ‘hails’ a repair provider via the app, allowing bike providers, bike messengers or other expert cyclists in the area to respond directly to the call. He/she then chooses their repair provider. Once the repair has been made, secure payment is made via the app, using Stripe.

We have a frequently asked questions page for more information.

On-demand bicycle repairs

We fix your bicycle punctures wherever you are. Yes, we're the app that takes care of your flat.

Help that is hassle free

Let us provide the puncture kit, spare inner tube, pump and skills to get you started again.

Local expertise

We work with trusted local businesses, couriers, and partners.

Safe & Trustworthy

Our network are selected and vetted. You can choose who attends to provide your repair. Pay by card with Stripe, so you'll never need to carry cash.

Sign me up as a provider

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